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Available Art

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'8-bit Tree'

Framed 'Annulotemporis'

'Aquamarine Facetation'

'Arca Chaostituto'

Framed 'Black-Gray Tiny Grid 1'

Framed 'Blue-Red Tiny Grid 1'


'Cerulean Agglomeration'

'Circles with Circles; Monochrome'



'Extra Chunky Blue Spectradient v1'

'Extra Chunky Gray Spectradient'

'Extra Chunky Red Spectradient'

Framed 'Fluorescent Tiny Grid 2'

Framed 'A Microscopic View of Melancholy'

Framed 'Cityscape; One'

Framed 'Cityscape; Two'

Framed 'Abstracyoneum'

Framed 'Aves Spheraves'

Framed 'Circulosignorum'

Framed 'Circulous Circulous'

Framed 'Coetustristitiae'

Framed 'Corexspiravit'

Framed 'Crystalcyoneum' BRPG Set

Framed 'Down the Emotional Rabbit Hole'

Framed Feriatuligno

Framed 'Lineafluctus'

Framed 'Monochromatictivity'

Framed 'Red Spectradient Pair A & B'

Framed 'Sphaerafluctus'

Framed 'Sphaerasphaeras'

Framed 'Sphaeraturbela'

Framed 'The Many Intentions of Daydreaming'

Framed 'Tenebrisirculi'

Framed 'The Blinding Darkness of…'

Framed 'The Pins and Needles of Depression’s Numbness'

Framed Veeconstructed

'Gray Fade Spectradient'

'Linea Chaostituto'

'Mesh Wave Study #13'

'Mesh Wave Study #14'

'Mesh Wave Study #15'

'Mesh Wave Study #19'

Framed 'Monochrome Tiny Grid 1'

'Monolithcity [Medium]'

'Monolithcity [Small]'

'Quadrum Chaostituto'



'Self-Assembling Worldscape'

'Squares with Squares; Monochrome'

'Starry Sky East'

'Starry Sky West'



Framed 'Super Dense Tiny Grid 1'

'Tabula Chaostituto'

'The Infinite Blues of My Broken Heart'

Framed 'The Loss'

'The Oppressiveness of Obsessiveness'

'The Origin of X'

Tiny WorldBuilding #2

'Worldbuilding Study #29'